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Become a TypeScript expert as you build a newsletter service that can send out emails to millions of subscribers.

In this video series you'll see real-world examples of generics, discriminated unions, user-defined type guards, and more!

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Scaleable Firebase Functions Architecture

This app will be a rock-solid foundation for creating scale-able and type-safe TypeScript back ends.

You'll learn how to set up both publicly accessible and private endpoints that require Authorization headers.

Take Your TypeScript Skills To The Next Level

Learn how to leverage the type system instead of fighting with it! In this video series we will build our own type-safe environment-variable parser and Mailgun HTTP module from scratch!

Learn How To Turn A any Into A MyWidget Without Typecasting 🙅‍♂️

Have you or your team finally hit one-too-many runtime errors because your code is covered with as typecasts? Learn how to safely convert / validate any and unknown values ... without using dangerous typecasts!

Enforce Strict HTTP Semantics At Compile Time

Learn how to leverage TypeScript Generics and Higher Order Functions to ensure consistent HTTP responses.

Create Your Own TypeSafe 3rd-Party API Modules

Learn how to create your own 3rd party service integrations in a type-safe and functional style!

I will show you how to incrementally add more functionality to your http modules without sacrificing type safety.

Learn How To Code In A Functional & Declarative Style

This video series is entirely coded in a functional style. You wont see me using classes, for loops, let assignments or even throw exceptions!

By the end of this video series, you'll know how to leverage the type system and pure functions to create simple, predictable and modular code.

Use "Algebraic Data Types" To Handle Errors And Branches In Logic

Don't worry, I promise you that this concept is a lot simpler than it sounds 🙂

Let the compiler help you determine if you're handling all possible errors in your system. Gone are the days that users inform you that you didn't `catch` a thrown exception. Or that your `catch` block isn't taking into consideration a specific kind of error!

All Code Is Open Source And Free To Use As You Wish

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  • Q: I know JavaScript well, but I don't really know TypeScript. Can I still enjoy this course?

    A: This course assumes that you're already comfortable with TypeScript. But if you're not, you can do a quick 30 minute crash course here.

  • Q: Why is this free? What's the catch?

    A: There's no catch, but I would really appreciate that you sign up for my newsletter or that you subscribe to my YouTube Channel

  • Q: Are you covering other things like CI/CD?

    A: I wasn't planning on covering CI/CD, Testing or any Front End. But if folks are interested in me doing bonus videos, I will consider it. Drop a comment in the videos to let me know!

  • Q: Just who the heck are ya?!

    A: Hey 👋 My name's Giorgio (or Gio for short)!

    I'm a freelance senior software engineer with a deep interest in software correctness. I've worked mostly with JavaScript and TypeScript, but I have also worked with Elm, Python and Rust in the past.

    Currently I'm working on launching a product built in Elm. It's intentionally under the radar at the moment, but sign up to my newsletter if you're keen to be notified once I do launch it. You can also watch me build this product every Tuesday at 10:00am Eastern Time on my Twitch channel!